Janet Valson is Interior decorator and owner of Bond Design LLC, was born in the family of Latvian artist V. Bond and inherited her father’s talent. In 1993 Janet graduated art and designer college in the city of Riga, Latvia and school of Feng Shui. Janet has owned interior designer companies in Europe, New York, Florida, and now California. Janet has traveled around the world, and has been involved in many builders, furniture, and window covering trade shows. She uses it for work the latest achievement's in the field of interior design.  Janet works with a team of professional tailors, installers, and contractors. She has above 20 years of experience in interior design and custom window treatment.




The company's philosophy based on positive energy, balance and harmony. The credo is ":Beaty will save the world".Energy is made up of us and everything that surrounds us. Only when we are surrounded with positive energy, we can be healthy, successful and happy. We use special methods of cleansing space from negative energy to do just that. We treat each client with an individualized approach regardless of the client's chosen style and significant consideration is given to the correct proportions, forms and colors, as well a furniture positioning according to Feng shui.As a result it brings good future, health and well being to the house or business.