I had such a  great experience with Janet! Her positive energy,  professionalism and responsibility were staggering. She decorated my home and covered 10 oval shape windows in a short period of time and the best price. I would definitely recommend her as well as the best interior decorator and the best specialist in custom window treatments.
- Fira Verbukh. Beverly Hills, California

“Florida Green Homes Inc. thanks interior designer Janet Valson for the highly professional work for design and decorating five model homes in city of Palm Coast, Florida. Thanks to Janet's ideal taste in an increase of contracts for the construction of new homes! .We are not wrong in choosing a designer, Janet has nice personality, makes her job quickly, very professional and for affordable price.”
- Owner of Florida Green Homes Inc. Jeff Vasilevsky


“Dear Janet! Thank you so much for decorating of our home! Without your talent we would not Be able to leave in such a beautiful house! Happiness and success in your creative work!”
- Mark and Karina. New York