Your home reflects your personal style as well as the culture and environment where you live, for the most part. Design-build remodeling or renovation gives you everything you need to create the home or business space of your dreams from experienced professional interior decorator Janet Valson you can trust. 

  If you are thinking about renovation or remodeling your home or commercial space we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your home or business space looks the best. Taking in to account the tastes and customer desires we offer many design options for home remodeling or renovation projects in our interactive 3D Plasma viewing space and show you what’s new in remodeling and  кenovation.

  We maximize each project's potential with creative amazing functionall design. We need to know and respect your financial limit so we can establish priorities. 
We will schedule personal shopping trip together for product and all material selections applicable to your project. 
Remodeling or renovation your home or commercial space is a long-term investment and our design-build remodeling process makes your life easier. 
  Once  the above has been completed and Designer plans approved by you we shall prepare estimate. A proposal will be prepared for you listing each room or another space .
After the signing of the contract for designer services we can recommend licensed contractors for the final completion of the work and if necessary will submit the plans and paper work to the City and County.
We guarantee the high quality of design service at low prices.